Cam Belt Replacement

Cambelt Check / Replacement

The cambelt also known as a timing belt, is an important component of your car’s engine and needs replacing at a set time in the life of your engine

So  if you’re at all unsure whether it’s time for a replacement, book an inspection appointment today.

We may base our decision on the age & mileage of your vehicle if no maintenance records are available as its not always possible to view the belt without stripping down part of the engine

Car Manufacturers provide data about the life expectancy of your car’s cam belt

If we do not see any problems or by the car’s mileage think that the cam belt does not need replacement, we can still provide you with precise cambelt replacement costs.

If you want peace of mind and would prefer we will change the cam belt giving you a new set mileage of trouble free motoring

If we service your car this inspection is included