Electronic Component Service

Electronic Component Service (Diagnostic Check)

The modern motor vehicle is full of computer-controlled electronic systems

Even if your vehicle is running well, it is important that you have a Electronic Component Service diagnostic check and test every couple of years

There are many warning lights on the modern car and some when illuminated can cause your car to fail the MOT

Its possible to test and diagnose electronic components and predict one that might fail causing a breakdown

You may have a fault you do not know about, as the modern engine is designed to compensate, but this fault will show as a fault code in the computer memory

Our aim is to diagnose the fault correctly first time

It is impossible to diagnose faults with a simple plug in and code read as some people may believe

If only it were that simple

A fault code read out is the start of the diagnosis procedure

When we have read the fault code we can then continue to test the relevant components and wiring

After carrying out all the relevant testing we should then be able to correctly diagnose the fault and carry out the repair/replacement part as necessary

Next time you are at the garage or if you have a problem ask us about this type of servicing