Full Service

We service any make and model of car or light commercial vehicle

We do not have set service prices as such like most garages.

Each service on any vehicle is specific for that vehicle as to what is required for its current mileage and time from the last service.

We highly recommend an engine oil change and oil filter change every year even though some manufacturers recommend every 2 years. We believe your engine will benefit and perform better, longer.

Service items include;

  • Air Filter – to filter the air going into your engine.
  • Pollen Filter – to filter the air that you breath in through your interior air vents.
  • Fuel Filter – to filter and clean the fuel from any particles and stop any blockages to your ignition system – some cars have a lifelong fuel filter built in – others cars need the filter changed at set mileages.
  • Spark plugs – For petrol cars only, these are for when you start the vehicle
  • Brake Fluid – this is for when you press the brake pedal the fluid that pumps through the car – if this is not changed regularly (usually recommend every 2 years) then it can build up ..


We also offer diesel/petrol/engine flush to help improve your fuel consumption and combat Carbon build up.  Using the flush helps make your  vehicle run smoother – we currently use Forte and Liquid Moli products.

We offer either one of two types of inspections included with the service – A minor inspection which is a visual check of the vehicle on the outside of the vehicle and a full inspection which checks absolutely everything.

We offer all customers a FREE Customer Care Plan

Under our Customer Care Plan, each time we service your vehicle we record on your service history enabaling us to help you maintain your vechicle and contact you when your next service will be due. Part of that plan lets us contact you when all filters will next due for changing